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Domestic Relations Law

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Domestic Relations Lawyers

The family law attorneys at Zimney Foster provide our clients with services covering a wide range of issues, including:


We will help you understand the four general issues involved in most divorce cases (residential responsibility and parenting time, child support, spousal support/alimony, and division of property and debt), and we will work with you to determine how to resolve those issues in your favor and in the best interests of your child.

Residential Responsibility/Parenting Time

We will help you understand the factors the judge needs to consider when deciding issues regarding your child, including where your child will live and which parent will make both the “day-to-day” and the major decisions concerning your child.

Review of Parenting Plans

A parenting plan sets out the rights and responsibility of each parent in the major areas affecting your child, including authority to make decisions concerning the child, each parent’s access to information about the child and each parent’s responsibility to share that information with the other parent, and the amount of parenting time each parent will have with the child. Parents are required to periodically review these parenting plans, and we can help you with that process.

Child Support

Whether the court is imposing a child support obligation for the first time or reviewing a child support obligation already in place, we will explain how the Child Support Guidelines work and we will help make sure your child has the support the law requires.


We will assist you in asking a judge to legally determine paternity for your child, which is a necessary first step in most non-divorce cases involving residential responsibility/parenting time and child support.

We also offer services in other areas of family law, including adoption and pre-marital agreements (“pre-nups”). Attorneys in the family law practice group are members of a number of professional organizations, including the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association. Our attorneys also offer both court-sponsored and private mediation services in most family law cases. Our attorneys practicing in the area of family law are: