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Financial Institutions Law

Financial Institutions Lawyers

Financial Institutions Lawyers

The financial institutions law attorneys at Zimney Foster provide our clients with a wide range of services. Included among these services are:

Regulatory Advice.

We represent many state chartered and nationally chartered banks throughout the region, advising our clients on regulations and compliance matters.

Commercial Loan Documentation.

We have experience in a variety of documentation services including:

  • Drafting loan documentation for revolving, term, real estate, and construction project commercial loans, participation credits, governmentally guaranteed loans with the SBA and USDA, bond financing, Swaps and other specialty financing.
  • Loan documentation for financing on Tribal lands with expertise in sovereign immunity waiver issues and Bureau of Indian Affairs guaranties.
  • Experienced in green energy financing documentation, including ethanol, wind and natural gas facility financing.
  • Handling domestic as well as international letters of credit for agricultural commodities and commercial sales and construction project bonding.

Troubled Loan Recovery.

For problem loan situations, we are very experienced in:

  • Replevin of chattel and personal property collateral,
  • Foreclosure of real estate mortgages,
  • Personal guaranty collection litigation,
  • Resolution of mortgage and security interest lien priority disputes among banks and other lien holders, and
  • Loan workout agreements for agricultural and commercial troubled loans.

We also defend banks accused of Federal Fair Credit Reporting violations, lender liability and bad faith, and we are approved for bank insurance and bonding company defense claims, and director and officer liability issues.

Creditor Rights In Bankruptcy.

We have experts in protection of bank collateral and loan claims in bankruptcy, automatic stay relief, and voidable preference defense litigation in bankruptcy.

Our attorneys practicing in the area of financial institutions law are: